1. The module you are working on must be at your laboratory or workshop, this possibly applies to the entire vehicle.
  2. To provide technical support, in addition to files, I often need CAN bus logs. Therefore, the requirements as indicated in point 1 additionally include having and experience in using the CAN bus analyser tool.
  3. In order to receive support, you should include several pieces of information in the tech ticket: the model and year of the vehicle we are repairing, the exact details of the module ECU/TCU/BCM2/CCM/ELV, including part numbers. Please briefly describe your job/goal, and detail any problems encountered while attempting to use the software. Additionally, you should send me the files and be prepared to provide logs from the CAN bus.

The software is designed for advanced users with extensive knowledge of the VAG group’s WFS4, WFS5, and MQB generation immobilizer systems.

If the description of a specific software module you are interested in is not clear, please contact us before making a purchase to determine whether the software meets your needs.

We do not address basic questions such as how to read files from a module, how to write a file to a module, what an ECU, CCM, or ELV is, what CS means, and how it differs from CP, etc..

Always read the support rules before submitting a question. Providing accurate information enables us to analyze and potentially solve the problem you have encountered more quickly, or at all.