The emulator communicates via the CAS_BUS line (not through the CAN bus) and can be used to unlock ECU engine controllers with EWS4 featuring a 16-byte ISN number, where there are two EWS4 authorization paths from the CAS module: the first via the CAN bus, and the second, an emergency one, via CAS_BUS, just like in the E series family. Additionally, this emulator can be used in the X3 E83 with EWS4, where there is only one EWS4_BUS authorization line (the same as CAS_BUS).

The emulator is applicable for the use of BMW engines in the build of various types of off-road vehicles or boats.

In the car, to avoid conflict with the primary EWS4 communication way, that is, the CAN bus, it is necessary to reconfigure the CAS module to work as an EWS3 system.

For proper operation, we need to write ISN bytes to EEPROM 24c02 located on the EWS4 emulator PCB.

Information on how to enter ISN data is included in the PDF.

Due to the nature of the communication protocol of this system, confirmation of proper authorization must be made using a diagnostic tool, for example: Tool32 -> STATUS_EWS.

The LED satus in this case only shows that the authorization request has been received by the emulator and the emulator has sent back the calculated EWS4 authorization data.

This emulator is also available from my distributors.