Immobilizer emulator enabling unlocking engine controllers with the first-generation Toyota system implemented.

In this system, keys/transponders are saved in ECU ,and communication with the ECU takes place over 3 lines:


In order to use this device, the TEXAS 4C transponder code must be rewritten from the ECU or immobiliser module to the 24C02 memory fitted on the emulator PCB.

The connection must be made in accordance with the diagrams available for the vehicle being repaired; the vehicle electronics workshop must have these diagrams.

With the help of this emulator we eliminate :

  • Lost key with transponder.
  • Defective RFID key reader.
  • Faulty wiring harness from the key reader to the ECU.

Pictured is the ECU engine controller from a Toyota YARIS – BOSCH 0261208036.

Pictured is the ECU engine controller from a LEXUS IS300, GS300 – DENSO 2JZ-GE.

Pictured is the ECU engine controller from a Toyota Corolla engine 4ZZ-FE – BOSCH 0261207411 89661-02731.

Other ECUs from the Corolla E12 that customers also send in for emulator fitting are : 0261208518 89661-02B11.

In some situations, this emulator can also be used to emulate the key to the immobiliser box.

If you are an EU-based automotive electronics company, you can send us an engine control unit for assembling and testing the emulator for service – please contact us or to one of My distributors .