Professional immobiliser emulator for SDI engine controllers.
Supports ECU models: SDI6, SDI7, SDI8, SDI9, SDI10, SDI21.
The emulator is prepared before sale (immobiliser data).

The emulator emulates the WFS authorisation in the communication layer of the immobiliser system implemented in the front BCM.

As of 2024 we have changed the hardware PCB after 7 years of production, the current version of HW is pictured.

Four wires should be connected: CAN-H, CAN-L, GND (ground) and +12 V IGN ( terminal „15”) or +12 V after the POWER relay.

Ensure the connection adheres to the vehicle’s repair schematics.

The colors of the corresponding wires are specified in the photo.

The location of the eeprom 24C02 memory is also specified in the photo.

On emulator PCB we have 3 x LED GREEN, RED, YELLOW, thanks to them we can carry out diagnostics of the emulator connection, they clearly indicate the current status of the CAN bus connection and the status of matching to the ECU.

Please remember the CAN terminator – terminator resistor J5 jumper, is in many cases indispensable especially when the ECU SDI works standalone.

To use the emulator we download the WFS data from the ECU and store it in the 24C02 emulator memory.
In the support process, we decrypt the data from the customer’s ECU to prepare the data for the emulation.
For us to be able to reproduce the data , the customer must provide the full correctly read files from the ECU and the MCU serial number of this ECU.

In which cases an emulator will solve your problem :

Replacement of the engine control unit ECU under the following condition: the rest of the system must be operational and synchronised, i.e. the components of the immbiliser system – key, BCM front, steering lock, BCM rear.

In addition, if you are building a race car, you can get the ECU authenticated with this emulator, similar to the original immobilizer system. This can be achieved without installing the entire electrical system, including BCM FRONT, ELV, and BCM REAR. However, it’s important to remember that the ECU may require a lot of information from the vehicle’s CAN bus to function properly.

If we have a reading of the front BCM that is paired with the ECU we want to unlock, we can also get the immobiliser data needed to use the emulator from these files.

In order to use this solution, the customer must be qualified as an automotive electronics technician and have the necessary diagnostic tools and wiring diagrams. In the event of problems and the need for technical support, a CAN bus analyzer will be required in addition to the ECU files, as well as the ability to operate it. Please also read the general information on the difference between the immobilizer emulator and the so-called IMMO-OFF here.