Immobiliser emulator for MAHINDRA vehicles equipped with the EDC16 ECU 0281013778, to use this emulator we read the synchronisation bytes from the EEPROM of this ECU and write them to the EEPROM mounted on the emulator PCB – 24C02.

We do not need to modify the flash file or the eeprom file in the ECU so it remains in its original state.

If you are an EU-based automotive electronics company, you can send us an engine control unit for assembling and testing the emulator for service – please contact us or to one of My distributors .

Thanks to the immobiliser emulator, we can eliminate the following components of the immobiliser system:

  • Defective immobilizer module
  • Defective or lost transponder key
  • Faulty electrical wiring of the power supply and CAN bus, the wiring harness to the immobiliser module, when the emulator is fitted inside the ECU.

In order to use this solution, the customer must be qualified as an automotive electronics technician and have the necessary diagnostic tools and wiring diagrams. In the event of problems and the need for technical support, a CAN bus analyzer will be required in addition to the ECU files, as well as the ability to operate it. Please also read the general information on the difference between the immobilizer emulator and the so-called IMMO-OFF here.