Custom immobilizer emulator for swapping and unblocking TCU automatic gearbox, now tested on these models of TCU:

  • DQ200
  • DQ250
  • DQ200 GEN2 MQB
  • DQ250 MQB
  • DQ380
  • DQ381
  • DQ400
  • DQ500
  • DL501
  • DL382
  • VL300
  • VL381
  • AL551
  • AL552

For all the TCU types mentioned, in the process of preparing the emulator, we will decrypt the immobiliser data needed to adapt the emulator on the basis of the TCU files provided by the customer.

In order to use this solution, the customer must be qualified as an automotive electronics technician and have the necessary diagnostic tools and wiring diagrams. In the event of problems and the need for technical support, a CAN bus analyzer will be required in addition to the TCU files, as well as the ability to operate it.