PORSCHE ME5.2.2 IMMOBILIZER EMULATOR 0261204604 0261204605 0261204010

This emulator replaces the immobiliser communication signal M534, M535 for unlocking the ME5.2.2 ECU. Applicable to M5.2.2 Boxster and 996 Carrera DMEs.

In order to use this emulator, the synchronisation data of the ALARM SYSTEM M534, M535 immoblizer must be transferred from the ECU to the emulator, which contains the EEPROM I2C 24C02 memory into which we simply write the synchronisation bytes.
We do not have to change anything in the ECU files in the flash or EEPROM files, the ECU remains in its original state.

In the process of supporting this product, we analyze the EEPROM content from the client’s ECU to ensure it is not damaged and that it works 100% with our emulator. Therefore, if the client sends the content of a 24C04 from their ME5.2.2, they will receive an emulator that has been fully prepared and tested on our test ECU.

Of course, if you are an EU-based automotive electronics company, you can send us an engine control unit for assembling and testing the emulator for service – please contact us or to one of My distributors .